Product Possibilities

Meatball Sandwich with Giardiniera

  •   Manufacturer/Co-Packer
    •   Finest Ingredients Used
      •   Custom Formulation Available ***(minimum required)
        •   Importer/Exporter
          •   Zero Saturated Fat/Trans Fat
            •   Distributor Inquiries Welcome
              •   Private Label Available

                E. Formella & Sons is a third generation family owned and operated Italian ingredient manufacturer of both stock and custom product variations. We produce the finest quality food toppings/ingredients with applications for dressings, relishes, sauces, sandwiches, salads, wraps, pasta dishes, etc. Its uses are limited only by your imagination!


                HACCP Certified

                USDA Registered

                Some of Our Offerings

                If you are looking to develop a pickled product such as hot/mild peppers and relishes, giardiniera, muffuletta salad, gourmet stuffed olives, standard table olive and much more! Formella brings particular flexibility to the table. We can use your recipe, our recipe or we can help you to develop an entirely new product. For packaging and labeling, we can use our branding or yours – and we feature the largest array of packaging options on the market. 

                From 8 oz. to a full barrel to a truck load – we have the ingredients and we have the experience to deliver. That’s the benefit of working with a 104 year old company that is both a direct importer and a manufacturer. For additional information on our company and our products contact us today. Samples available upon request.


                Giardiniera, Muffuletta, Pizza Topping, Pepper Relish

                Product Ti/High/Total Case Pack Case Weight
                Gallon 12/4/48 4 37 lbs.
                56 oz. Pouch 20/3/60 7 26 lbs.
                5 Gallon Bucket 12/4/48 1 43 lbs.
                55 Gallon Barrel 4 1 400 lbs.

                Ketchup, Mustard, BBQ Sauce, Relish

                • 6/15 oz. Squeeze Bottles
                  • 4/11oz. Plastic Containers

                    Gallon-size Giardiniera